Monday, July 18, 2016

Resources For People Worried About Themselves

It takes courage to admit that you might have a problem... of any kind. If you are concerned about  thoughts towards children, there are many causes for those thoughts and many resources to consult. You are not alone. Please use whatever resource you are comfortable with, and use this list if you know of others who may want help.

AASECT: Referrals Therapists that Treat Sexual Issues: American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists is roughly what you would expect from the name. You can search through their system for therapists, counselors, and educators to find a professional in their system in your area. They can help you find a sex therapist in your area, in other words.

 ASAP: Risk Assessment: This is a free personal risk assessment designed for pedophiles, ex-abusers, and potential abusers. It is put together by the Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the primary prevention of child sexual abuse through getting therapeutic resources to those who may need them. Their main site is here, and their site that is aimed at pedophiles is here. Pedophiles and MAPs should go to the latter link, and pay close attention to the right-hand column titled “What we do”.

ATSA Referral: Therapists for Pedophiles and Abusers: This is a referral through the Association for the Treatment for Sexual Abusers, an international organization dedicated to keeping society safe through treating abusers and at-risk populations. Pedophiles may be referred for sex offender treatment for lack of existing programs aimed specifically at pedophiles, and will typically not involve the legal system without a disclosure of abuse. 

ATSA: FAQ On Sexual Abuse: This is a resource compiled by the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers that covers eight topics within sexual abuse prevention: Definition, profile of an abuser, who the victims are, what motivates abuse, sexual offender recidivism, sex offense treatment, the efficacy (effectiveness) of treatment, and sex offender management/supervision.

CMRPI: Learn About Sex-Specific Therapy: This is a guide to what sex-specific therapy is, how it differs from general therapy, and information about mandatory reporting. This is a good guide for anyone considering therapy, whether it be for a child or a potential abuser.

Don't Offend: Germany's Prevention Program

Podcast On What Pedophilia Is: Sickboy: This is an hour long podcast on pedophilia, done by Sickboy, which is a team of people who do podcasts on chronic illnesses and diseases. Their feature expert is Dr. James Cantor, an expert on sex, sexuality, and sexual disorders. 

Psychology Today: Find A Therapist (US/Canada): To use this tool, enter the city or ZIP code. Then, on the following page, on the left column under "Issues", click "More +", and select the applicable issue. This tool is not as useful for sex-specific therapy, but is extremely useful for a large variety of other mental health help.

Sex Addicts Anonymous: This is an AA-style group aimed at people wrestling with any kind of sexual addiction or sexual behavior that impacts others or one’s own life and behavior. You can find local groups in the United States.

Stop It Now: Worried About Your Own Thoughts And Behaviors?: This is a resource from Stop It Now! for people who may be concerned about their own thoughts and behaviors towards children, or think they may be at-risk for abusing a child sexually. Numerous topics are covered in this resource. Clicking this link takes courage.  

Therapeutic Information, Guidelines, And Resources For Pedophiles/MAPs: This is a post giving comprehensive advice, information, and resources to pedophiles or MAPs who may be considering therapy for their difficulties with their sexual attractions. It covers “coming out” to friends/family, mandatory reporting, what to look for in a therapist, and what therapy typically entails. It also includes a list of resources to get more information, referrals, and organizations that can help. 

Virtuous Pedophiles: Online Support for Pedophiles: This is an online support group aimed at pedophiles and others with sexual attractions to those under the age of consent. It operates as a forum. Virtuous Pedophiles can also be found on Twitter.

Wiki: Pedophilia: This is Wikipedia’s main page on pedophilia, the condition of having a sexual attraction to prepubescent children. It involves a detailed explanation for the criteria of pedophilia, what sorts of other issues are seen with pedophilia, treatments available, and how the term “pedophilia” and “pedophile” are misused in popular culture.

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