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Resources: Pedophilia Posts, Articles, And Research

This is a list of posts, articles, and research about pedophilia. It is not exhaustive, but it will inform the average person of what pedophilia is, how it relates to child sexual abuse prevention, and how pedophilia is erroneously conflated with sexual abuse. If you know of an article or study that you think belongs here, please comment, and I will look into it.

"Comfortably Numb": A Journey Through Pedophilia, An Article By Ender Wiggin: This is an article written by a pedophile that is well-known on Twitter, about how he came to disclosing his attractions to young boys to his wife. It is a very personal story about one man’s struggle with pedophilia, depression caused by pedophilia, and coming to find hope in the midst of these seemingly insurmountable challenges.

"Help!" Life With Pedophilia: An Article by Ender Wiggin: This is an article written by a pedophile that is well-known on Twitter, and his recommendations for people who believe that “pedophiles should get help”. It presents some of the challenges inherent in “getting help” and some ideas around where pedophiles can go to get started on getting help.

'Pedophile Priest' and 'Convicted of Pedophilia': This post discusses two common phrases in media articles about sexually abusive priests and about child sexual abuse in general, and why these phrases are not only inaccurate, but minimize child sexual abuse as an issue.

A Parent's Guide to Pedophilia: My Child Has What?!?: This is a guide for parents in understanding pedophilia including what it means that your child has it, what some of the research says, and some direction in finding resources. 

Arguments for Childhood Sexual Encounters (And Why They Fail): This post is an assessment of an article written by an organization that advocates for the permissibility of children to have sexual relationships with adults, and why the arguments used by the organization fail to provide sufficient logical basis for why such relationships could be beneficial. In other words, it points out the obvious and not-so-obvious flaws in arguments for child sex.

Child Pornography Offenses Are A Valid Diagnostic Indicator Of Pedophilia: This study examined the presence of pedophilia in a range of specific offenses. Among its many findings is that 35% of sexual abusers met the diagnostic criteria for pedophilia.

Do Pedophiles Deserve Respect?: This post discusses pedophiles, what pedophiles are, and whether or not they deserve the same amount of respect that anyone else should receive.

Do Pedophiles Deserve Sympathy?: This is an article written by Dr. James Cantor, a well-known researcher in the field of sexual disorders, discussing how pedophilia is separate from child molestation, and makes some suggestions about how helping pedophiles rather than ostracizing them could help prevent child sexual abuse.

Dolls, Manga, and Other "Outlets": This post assesses the idea of pedophiles having an “outlet”, such as sexual cartoons involving children or child sex dolls, and how these “outlets” may or may not aid the prevention of child sexual abuse.

Facing Disturbing Truths About Pedophilia Could Help Us Keep Kids Safer (Pacific Standard): This is an article that was featured in the Pacific Standard about addressing some of the facts around pedophilia, and accepting these facts, can aid the prevention of child sexual abuse. His writing style is down-to-earth and makes points that are well worth thinking about, even if they are challenging.  

Help Wanted: Luke Malone Interview Of A Pedophile: This is a half-hour long interview with a pedophile about his journey through trying to find help with his sexual attractions. A written form of this interview can be found here.

Life As A Pedophile: This post is a long-forgotten article I wrote trying to describe what it is like to live with pedophilia, and what it means to attach such a stigmatized word to myself.

Mental Illnesses: This post discusses mental illness from the perspective of mental health advocates and how having a mental illness does not make you a better or worse person than anyone else.

Minor Attraction And Sexual Orientation: This post discusses what sexual orientation is, how it applies to people attracted to children, and some ideas around sexuality.

Non-Offending Pedophiles (James Cantor/Ian McPhail): This is an academic article written by James Cantor (Ph.D.), who researches sexual disorders and abnormalities, and Ian McPhail (M.A.), who heads Nextgenforensic, a blog discussing research around sex offense theory and practice. The article discusses the reality that there are pedophiles whose sexual interest in children remains purely an interest, and they do not act upon their interest to sexually abuse children or view sexual abuse imagery of children. Many areas are covered.

Non-offending Paedophilia (Flint: Beyond Choice & Reason): This article discusses non-offending pedophilia, or people with pedophilia who decide that they never wish to act upon their sexual attractions to children. It involves many challenging concepts about pedophilia that the average person may not be informed about.

Pedophiles Who Do And Do Not Offend: This post serves as an introduction for people unfamiliar or opposed to the idea that there are pedophiles, or people that are sexually attracted to young children, who do not sexually abuse children.

Pedophiles, Fantasy, And Child Molestation: This post discusses the ethics of sexual fantasy in pedophiles, and the risk that such fantasy poses to children.

Pedophiles, Pedophilia And Perverts: This post discusses three terms that are often used in articles about child sexual abuse, and how these terms can have a negative impact on the prevention of child sexual abuse.

Pedophilia, Sexual Attraction, Sexuality and 'Cures': This is a somewhat older post discussing the verbiage around pedophilia, and how some of that verbiage is not helpful to preventing child sexual abuse.

Podcast On What Pedophilia Is: Sickboy: This is an hour long podcast on pedophilia, done by Sickboy, which is a team of people who do podcasts on chronic illnesses and diseases. Their feature expert is Dr. James Cantor, an expert on sex, sexuality, and sexual disorders.

TEDx:Adelaide: How Do We Protect Our Children From The Unspeakable?: This is a 12-minute video from an expert in forensic psychology explaining how child sexual abuse can be prevented, why discussing the issue is emotional, and why discussing it is valuable.

Ten Things You Do Not Know About Child Sexual Abuse: This post is a list of ten facts that are absolutely essential to preventing child sexual abuse before it happens. Do you know the ten things? 

The Science of Pedophilia: Is It a Sexual Orientation?: This article discusses some of the issues and the cutting-edge science behind pedophilia, including whether or not it is a sexual orientation. 

Using Math To Determine Pedophiles Who Do And Do Not Abuse: This post illustrates approximately how many pedophiles do abuse, how many do not abuse, and how both of those figures compare to US statistics about sex offenders, child sex offenders, and repeat child sex offenders. The end result is an educated guess for illustrative purposes.

What Is Pedophilia? And Those Other Hard To Pronounce Things?: This post describes pedophilia and discusses the distinction between pedophilia, hebephilia, and ephebophilia. I also discuss some of the concepts of pedophilia from the DSM-V.

What Kind Of Help Do Pedophiles Need? "Help Wanted: Lessons On Prevention From Non-Offending Young Adult Pedophiles" (ATSA): This is a preliminary report featured in the Spring, 2016 issue of ATSA’s newsletter discussing some of the preliminary results of a study that was done on young adult pedophiles to determine what kind of support pedophiles need in adolescence.

What The Average Person Must Know About Pedophilia: This post discusses some of the basics about pedophilia, and why pedophilia relates to the primary prevention of child sexual abuse.

Who Does Pedophilia Affect?: This post points out some obvious truths to the Jared Fogle incident, and some not-so-obvious truths about pedophilia, child sexual abuse, and prevention that is lost on most people.

Why The Statistic Matters: Part One, Pedophilia: This post discusses four statistics about pedophilia, and why they matter not only to prevention, but to the world at large. Clearly, more research is needed.

Why Words Matter: Pedophile: This post discusses some of the stigma around the word “pedophile”, how the word should be properly used and understood, and why using it improperly is bad. 

Wiki: Ephebophilia: This is Wikipedia’s main page on ephebophilia, the condition of having a sexual attraction to older teenagers. It involves the age ranges covered, the word’s etymology, and its characteristics.

Wiki: Hebephilia: This is Wikipedia’s main page on hebephilia, the condition of having a sexual attraction to children in the midst of puberty. It involves the age ranges covered, academic discussions around diagnosis and criteria, and a thorough explanation of how hebephilia differs from pedophilia.

Wiki: Pedophilia: This is Wikipedia’s main page on pedophilia, the condition of having a sexual attraction to prepubescent children. It involves a detailed explanation for the criteria of pedophilia, what sorts of other issues are seen with pedophilia, treatments available, and how the term “pedophilia” and “pedophile” are misused in popular culture.

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