Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Learning Opportunity in the Twin Cities March 28th!

On Tuesday, March 28th, there is an excellent learning opportunity to learn about sex offenses, sex offenders, and related topics.

Screening at the University of Minnesota Law School, from 2:30-5 PM, will be the film Untouchable. They discuss a wide variety of topics, including residency restrictions, facts, and stories from lives that have been impacted not only by sex crimes, but by sex offenders as well.


For more details about the event, please click here. If you would like a flyer to hand out, please click here.

This is your opportunity to see how the laws that have been meant to keep our children safe are faring.

While there is a handy parking handout listed on the site with a handy diagram, let me give you my own little diagram:

You will want to avoid on-street parking on Washington by Maxwell's American Pub (but they have good food for afterwards!). There is on-street parking is on the green areas, and there are ramps and lots available also. Do pay attention to the signs, as they will ticket you if you do not heed them. I recommend the ramps, because they are easier.

As I have not yet seen the film (and have been told that I should), and this is a great opportunity even for me to see what is being done and hear our local experts talk about this issue, I will be there.

Sorry, but I will not have a flashing sign on my neck that says "I am TNF 13", and no, you will not have a chance to meet me (or if you do, you will not know it). But I hope to see you there all the same!

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