Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Untouchable Will Be At The Minneapolis Saint Paul International Film Festival

Yes, you read that right. Remember that opportunity I brought to your attention last week? What I did not know is that Patty Wetterling features in the film, along with a local legal powerhouse Eric Janus, and on two days, both people will be available after the film to answer your questions.

They are showing it at the MSP International Film Festival in the middle of April. The details are available here and below:

Yes, you read that right: Child Advocate Patty Wetterling and Mitchell-Hamline Law Professor Eric Janus will be there on the 18th and 25th to meet you and answer your questions! If you have never had the chance to hear Patty Wetterling address issues related to preventing sexual abuse, here is your chance. Take it!

Tickets for this event are already on sale! For a flyer, click here. Tell your friends and family to be there, and share it on social media! Sex offenses are a big deal, and we need to be doing everything in our power to ensure that children are protected from them.

For information about parking, see below:

The green lines are on-street parking, and additional parking may be found on University Ave as well. The red arrows are parking ramps. I recommend the big red arrow, as it is a shorter walk. If you prefer a scenic walk, you can park downtown and walk over the Hennepin Avenue or Central Avenue bridge.

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