Saturday, April 8, 2017

Website Update, Part One

In Case You Missed The Announcement...

...I am building a website, and boy is it hard work! Thankfully, I have a good tool to make it go smoothly, since I do not know much in the way of HTML coding. I will eventually need to test it and find a more secure host. I have lots of work yet to be done, lots of content to synthesize from the blog, sprucing things up, finding cool usability tools, coming up with a site-wide banner (maybe a slideshow?), etc. Plus doing SEO. I think my goal is September, this was a month's worth of work, so September gives me enough time to review everything, provided nothing comes up. Still working on the footer, and additional usability tools, as well as filling in content. I would love to do an accordion, but I will have to figure that out separately and copy the code or something- this editor does not allow for them.

I do, however, have the backbone for the site in terms of the menu and a handful of pages do have content on them (finally). Check out what I have so far:

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