Thursday, May 28, 2015

TNF 13 Media Policy


Given that I have been approached several times by different sources, I thought I would lay down some ground rules for media and other organizations that wish to get my perspective on things. They apply to formal news organizations, individuals involved in advocacy or activism, and prevention organizations.


  1. I do not do anything on camera, and I do not use my real name. This is both to protect me, but also to protect my victim and his family, who are unaware of my advocacy. 
  2. You will not refer to me as a pedophile or sex offender, given how loaded both of those terms are. We can discuss other options. Other ideas might be 'someone who sexually abused a child', 'someone with pedophilia', 'primary prevention advocate'. 
  3. I am willing to engage in "writing assignments", or posts on a particular topics. I am also willing to guest-write articles on particular topics. 
  4. Every factual claim I make has a link cited somewhere on this blog. I can provide the link if you have any doubt as to the accuracy of the statement or statements.
  5. Certain verifications can be provided under certain circumstances.
  1. Any Tweet or retweet may be retweeted by you or your organization. 
  2. Any quote you use from this blog must include a reference or citation of some kind.
  3. Any post of this blog can be reproduced with a reference to TNF 13 and a URL for the source of the blog post.
  4. Generally, you have my permission to use this blog to inform, educate, and aid the prevention of child sexual abuse. 
  5. Generally, you do not have my permission to use this blog to harass, stalk, bully, threaten, coerce, or otherwise attempt to harm this blog and the cause of primary prevention.
  6. Anything beyond the scope of #3 & #4 require specific permission, and the reason you wish to use my information. 

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