Monday, June 20, 2016

Religious People And Hate Speech

Does This Need An Introduction?

What would you say if your best friend's family was murdered by an angry motorist? Would you say it was too bad the motorist did not kill more drivers? I should hope not. Yet, a similar sentiment was expressed by a "Baptist Pastor", a Mr. Roger Jimenez out of Sacramento, California, who is the "Pastor" of Verity "Baptist Church". Note all of the quotation marks, please, because I hardly believe for one millisecond that the man, or his church, have anything to do with the Jesus Christ I know.

His exact words were, "Hey, are you sad that fifty pedophiles were killed to day? I think that's great. I think that helps society. I think Orlando, Florida's a little safer tonight."

Primary Prevention Advocate

Have you read much of my blog? I hope so. But more importantly, I hope you are aware of the facts I attempt to advocate to counter the myths people believe. You see, pedophilia is the condition of being sexually attracted to children prior to their hitting puberty. Evidence points to this condition being an affliction, not a choice, any more than being bisexual or homosexual is a choice. It is generally accepted fact that people do not choose what or whom they are sexually attracted to. None of what I just said has any bearing whatsoever on the facts surrounding child sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse is perpetrated by a wide variety of people, and while some of them are indeed sexually attracted to children, attempting to define all those who sexually abuse as pedophiles is just as illogical as someone labeling people in the LGBT community as pedophiles.

I Call Bull Excrement

Yes, for those that had no idea, I am a Christian. I am both proud and ashamed to be one. Frankly, it is distracting to the subject of this blog, and I do not talk about it much. Why am I proud? Because I get to know and love God. Why am I ashamed? Because "Pastors" of "Churches" who are supposed to represent Christ are constantly making God look a good sight more awful than He actually is. These people are religious people who hate, not Christians who love God and love others.

That irks me to no end, but what irks me even more are the myths and implications that Mr. Jimenez wrapped up in his barbarically insensitive comment.

I call bull excrement on Mr. Jimenez being a pastor. He is not fit to lead anyone spiritually, particularly himself.

I call bull excrement on the idea pedophiles being a threat to anyone. If a sexual attraction made someone dangerous, we all belong in cages, every single human who is not asexual.

I call bull excrement on the idea that anyone in the LGBT community are any more or less of a threat to sexually abusing children than anyone else is, except maybe recidivist sex offenders.

I call bull excrement on the number of conservative Christians who are applauding and supporting his bigoted comments.

Facts Over Myths Prevent Sexual Abuse

I have reiterated, time and time again, that preventing child sexual abuse before there is a victim is preferable to punishing people after it has already happened. Studies and researchers and politicians and articles have reiterated that point. Yet we are still using erroneous terminology to refer to people who have sexually abused children.

The only context that the words "pedophile" or "pedophiles" belongs in is the context of describing people with the condition of pedophilia, of being sexually attracted to young children. Period. End of sentence. The discussion of that attraction does not belong in the context of child sexual abuse, unless a therapist is discussing the difficulties the condition of pedophilia brings to a client who has sexually abused a child. Period. End of sentence. Sexual attraction to children. Sexual abuse of children. They do not belong in the same sentence, and they are separate.

Can I please get a volunteer to tape this (so as to not deface church property) to the door of Verity Baptist Church?

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