Monday, January 30, 2017

Thoughts on Residency Restrictions

I would like to present, for your amusement, Fox News:
This came up in my Google news feed. Maybe I am just a contrary jerk, but I chose not to play the video. I guessed at what they might say. Given their full report, it appears I guessed wrong. I did, however, recall another article I read out of Milwaukee several months ago:

It seems to me that our communities are much safer when sex offenders have homes that law enforcement can check in on, rather than being... somewhere not with a home, wandering the streets, doing whatever it is homeless sex offenders do. Look for jobs? Wallow in misery? I am not entirely sure, but 200 homeless sex offenders being the result of a single ordinance restricting where they can live does not increase my confidence that Milwaukee knew what it was doing by enacting such a restriction.

That, combined with the facts about residency restrictions, tells me that residency restrictions do more harm to our communities than good.

Fox News has now released their full report, for which the aforementioned video was just an advertisement. I am happy to report that their full report did a fantastic job of investigating the facts on the issue, and reporting them accordingly. The rest of this post has been updated to reflect this new information.

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